War of Titans

War of Titans Beta

Battle to become a champion of the arena


  • Easy to get into
  • Playable from in browser


  • Some options only available with a paid account
  • Fighting is dull

Not bad

War of Titans is an multiplayer online role playing game based around gladiators. Create a Gladiator of your own, and guide them through battles, gaining experience and money to improve your strength, endurance, and of course arm yourself to the teeth!

The reality of War of Titans is a bit more mundane. When you begin, you choose a caste of Gladiator, which will affect how you fight a little during the game. There's a world map you can move around, completing quests to gain experience and 'level up'. Every city has an arena where you can visit th marketplace to spend your gold, and of course to take part in battles.

War of Titans' arena battles are probably the weakest part of the game. You point and click to move your Gladiator, and hit CTRL to attack. The other players in the arena can be attacked when you like, but because everyone walks (there is no running!) you can have bizarre relaxed chases, where all you can do is try to cut off your opponent before they run out of the arena!

The worst thing is that death is guaranteed. As you will always get damaged during fights, you can only reasonably fight gladiators more damaged than you or you will lose. Due to this, users with more damaged Gladiators don't want to get into fights they'll lose! It's not exciting, and feels more like a slog solely to gain experience. On the upside, it's easy and requires no skill, so it's perfect for gaming beginners.

The action part of War of Titans is too simple, but for online RPG fans, this is free and easy to get into - just don't expect an immersive experience.

War of Titans


War of Titans Beta

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